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Community Volunteer Resource Program

  1. The high quality of the services and activities provided by the Township of Maplewood is due, in large part, to voluntary contributions of time, energy and talent of Maplewood’s citizens. The Township Committee established the Community Volunteer Resource Program as a way to assist us in our continuing task of seeking qualified and interested citizens to serve in a variety of volunteer capacities. We invite you to become part of our volunteer program. If you would like to volunteer, please complete this form and indicate your interest areas. We will use the information only to fill civic volunteer positions; it will not be disseminated to any outside organizations, companies or political or religious groups for any purpose whatsoever. In fact, the following are not subject to public disclosure: phone number, address and e-mail. Your submission of this form does not assure your appointment to any committee, board, position or project, but volunteers are rarely ignored. Please indicate near the bottom of the form whether you are interested in an appointment to a Board or Committee and/or if you are interested in assisting in a time limited project.

  2. Please contact the Township Committee or the Township Clerk, Elizabeth J. Fritzen, at 973-762-8120 if you have any questions.

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574 Valley St.
Maplewood Township, NJ 07040
Hours of Operation 9:00 am - 4:30 pm
Ph: (973) 762-8120