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Swimming Pool Requirements
Swimming Pool requirements
Swimming Pool are a structure which requires several safety devices and require construction permits prior to strat of construction. There is a slight difference between an above ground swimming pool and an inground pool as it pertains to the zoning regulations but both require approval prior to attempting to erect or construct one. Below is the Maplewood Code which covers the zoning requirements for pools.
§ 271-61.  Swimming pools.
Residential pools shall be installed only on lots containing a residence. All swimming pools shall be installed in accordance with the following standards. Approval of a swimming pool can be issued by the Construction Official, provided that no variances are required. 
A. Construction. All materials used in the construction of swimming pools shall be of durable quality and waterproof, and the pool shall be so designed as to facilitate its filling, emptying, cleaning, disinfecting, filtering and circulating of the water. Pools are to be installed in a workmanship-like manner by competent and experienced person(s). Maximum pool height shall not be more than four feet above the existing median grade at the pool perimeter. Pool equipment for aboveground pools such as decks, platforms, diving boards, slides, awnings, canopies and similar appurtenances are prohibited. Pool ladders (handrails) may exceed four feet, but ladders are to be unfastened and removed by a responsible person when the pool is unattended. 
B. Lighting. No artificial lighting shall be maintained or operated in connection with a swimming pool in such a manner as to be a nuisance or an annoyance to neighboring properties. 
C. Fences and shrubbery. Swimming pools shall be enclosed by a structurally adequate fence a minimum of four feet in height and a maximum of six feet in height and at least four feet back from the pool's edge, so constructed as to prevent any person or animal from gaining access beneath or through or by ease of climbing said fence, and which shall have a similarly substantial gate or gates of the same height as the fence, with facilities for locking when the pool is unattended. Swimming pool gates shall be closed at all times, except when opened for the purpose of ingress or egress, and shall be fitted with a mechanism for automatically returning to a closed, latched position. When the swimming pool is not in use, gates shall be locked and shall be opened only by key or combination. Shrubbery such as thick foliage evergreen having year-round growth and of a type that, within three years from the date of planting, will form a screen of not less than the height of the fence for private pools and not less than six feet for public pools bordering residential zones. Shrubbery shall be planted along the outer periphery of the fence, except at gates, to screen the fence as well as the swimming pool. [Amended 1-19-1988 by Ord. No. 1738; 10-18-1988 by Ord. No. 1765] 
D. Location and area. The swimming pool shall not be closer than 10 feet to any side or rear lot lines of the property; provided, however, that no part of any pool shall be constructed within the front yard. Pools shall be constructed in rear yards only, and the water surface shall not exceed 50% of the total area of the rear yard. In the case of corner lots, the pool shall be located in a side yard area set back a minimum of 1.5 times the required front yard setback for the zoning district in which it is located, screened from view from the street, and its water surface shall not exceed 15% of the total area of the lot. 
E. Lifeguard service. All public swimming pools shall provide competent lifeguard service during hours when the pool is in use. 
F. Noise limitations. It shall be the responsibility of the owners of pools to inhibit any unnecessary or unusual noise which may annoy, disturb or otherwise impose or intrude on the comfort, repose, health, peace or safety of others. 
G. Draining of pool. When emptying a pool, the discharged water shall be disposed of in an approved manner and shall not be diverted to abutting properties. 
H. Licenses and inspections. A license fee in addition to a permit fee shall be required upon approval of an application for a swimming pool. The license fee shall also be payable periodically every three years thereafter upon the inspection and approval of the pool by the Building Department. Inspections made initially during construction or thereafter that reveal violations of this section or of the current International Building Code will necessitate discontinuance of use and removal of the pool.  

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