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Temporary Signage
Temporary Signs and Graphics
The following temporary graphics are permitted and do not require a permit:  
(a) Graphics identifying the sale, rental or lease of the premises on which located and an artisan or contractor identification while at work on the premises, subject to a maximum graphic area of four square feet in the R-1-7 through R-2-4 and RGA Districts and nine square feet in all other districts. Ground graphic provisions shall apply. Graphics must be removed within seven days after execution of contract of sale or lease or the reason for the graphic has ceased. "Sold" signs, "leased" signs or any sign indicating that the original reason for the sign has ceased shall be prohibited. "Open for inspection" signs shall be permitted only during the period that the open house is being conducted. Only one sign shall be permitted of each category, i.e., "open house," "for sale," "for lease," or wording of the same intent. All signs such as "for sale," "for rent" or "open for inspection" shall be restricted to the subject property being offered, and such signs shall be placed no closer than the required setback as set forth in § 271-70 for front yard setback or the existing setback of the principal building, whichever is closer to the street. The signs herein designated shall not be located on any public property, utility poles or sidewalks. No off-premises direction signs are to be located at any intersection or anywhere other than on the property being displayed for sale or rent. Any violation of the above shall be punished by penalty as listed in Article VI of this chapter but in no case less than $100 per violating sign per day of violation.  
(b) Developments with three or more lots or dwelling units for sale shall be permitted one ground graphic not larger than 12 square feet in area or five feet in height.  
(c) Temporary window graphics.  
(d) Graphics on the grounds of houses of worship, schools or other quasi-public land uses, provided that they do not exceed 15 square feet and are not displayed for more than 28 days.  

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