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Youth Sports & Activities

Maplewood Recreation Department: YOUTH SPORTS PROGRAMS
Below is a list of our current and upcoming sports programs. You can register for these programs at: You may have to register for certain programs at their specific organization websites listed below.

If you have any questions regarding any of our programs, please feel free to contact the Recreation Department at (973) 763-4202. 

To view our latest programming guide, please click the following link:
2014 Fall / Winter Programming Guide

Cougar Soccer Club:
For information on the Cougar Soccer Club programs, teams, camps, and registration, please visit their website @

Details of age groups are outlined on the home page where you can also click the link to register. Season will begin the week of September 8th. 

Maplewood Girl's Lacrosse:
The final tryout date for Maplewood's Girls Lacrosse Travel Team for the Spring '15 has been moved to Monday, November 10th @ DeHart Park. Anticipated teams for the Spring include 3rd/4th grade team, 5th/6th grade team, 7th/8th grade team, and possible select teams for the 5th/6th and 7th/8th grade teams.

For more information on the program as well as instructions for how to register, please visit:

Spring Tennis Class Lessons:
Maplewood Tennis is run by local tennis pro John Trinity and his staff. There are a variety of classes offered to accommodate children 5 and over with different skill levels. Classes are held at the Memorial Park Tennis Courts on Valley Street. For more information about our offered tennis programs, please go to

Lessons are grouped based on ability from beginner to intermediate. Student-teacher ratio of 6 to 1 or less. Rained-out classes will be made up by adding additional classes to the end of the schedule. No Individual make-ups for missed classes. For rain-out information, please call the Maplewood Tennis rain-out hotline (973) 843-1116.

SPRING TENNIS PEE WEE - SATURDAY (9am, 9:30am, or 10am)
PEE WEE ages 3 & 4. This 30 minute class serves as an introduction to tennis in a non-competitive environment. Activities are designed for immediate success and there is no rallying among players. Lower nets, Red-Level Foam balls and various stationary equipment leads the students to master the basics of tennis. Strokes include the volley, forehand, and backhand. For inclement weather call 973-843-1116 or go to

Hot Shots Tennis: Ages 5 & 6. This 1 hour class continues the introduction to tennis in a non-competitive environment. Activities include rallying when possible and regulation nets set at a lower height. Red-Level Foam balls and shortened 36 foot courts provide students with the opportunities to succeed at tennis. Strokes include the volley, forehand, backhand, and preliminary serving technique.For inclement weather call 973-843-1116 or go to


(Level 1 (Beginner) AGES 7-9) This 1.5 hour class transitions players from Hot Shots into 60 foot courts. Orange-Level balls are used as students learn the basics for rallying in tennis from the baseline and closer to net. Instruction focuses on movement towards the tennis ball and on games that allow the focus to be on correct movement and stroke technique. For inclement weather call 973-843-1116 or go to


Children Level 2 Advanced Beginner (ages 10-12). This 1.5 hour class is designed to help provide experienced players to refine their strokes while developing basic strategies and point play understanding. Drills are designed for stroke improvement or for a specific strategy and include scoring. Regulation size courts (78 foot courts) and Green Level balls are used in this class. Strokes covered include volleys, forehand, backhand, serve, and scoring. For inclement weather call 973-843-1116 or go to


Children Level 3 Intermediate (ages 11-15). This 1. 5 hour class continues development of all strokes but adds emphasis on offensive and defensive use. Singles and doubles strategy is covered and drills focus more on strategy and tactics. This class is for players currently competing in tournaments, club teams, or are planning to play high school tennis. Only regulation balls are used for this class. For inclement weather, call 973-843-1116 or go to

2015 Spring Tennis Group Lesson Schedule and Registration Information


Camp Sessions for Ages 5-14

Session One: June 29 - July 2
Session Two: July 13 - 16
Session Three: July 20 - 23
Session Four: August 3 - 6
Session Five: August 10 - 13
Session Six: August 17 - 20

Summer Tennis Camp Information

Hometown Ultimate:
Ultimate is a fast-moving team sport that emphasizes athleticism and sportsmanship. It combines the aerial passing skills found in football with the quick transitions from offense to defense found in basketball, all using a high tech plastic disc (frisbee). This program is for children in grades 6-8 who are interested in learning the basic fundamentals and strategies behind Ultimate Frisbee.

When: Sundays, 1pm-3:30pm
(Initial tryouts, if needed, will be held on Saturday, March 14th and Saturday March 21st, from 9:30am-12:00pm, weather dependent)

Where: Maplecrest Park

Register: Hometown Ultimate will be holding a pre-registration for this spring for the middle school program! Please pre-register by Monday, March 9th. (Depending on how many children pre-register, tryouts may need to be held. No experience is necessary to tryout for Hometown Ultimate!)
Pre-registration can be done online at Pre-r
egistration can also be done by calling the Recreation Department at (973) 763-4202. Pre-registration will be free.

Cost: Once the official roster is selected, if your child makes the team, the cost will be:
$70.00 paid to the Maplewood Recreation Department
$10.00 paid, separately by check only, to KO Media

If you have any questions, please feel free to call the Recreation Department or email program instructor Coach Sarah McNamara @


The US Sports Institute has been providing sports camps and year-round sport programs to communities for over 10 years.  They enable each camper to grow in an atmosphere that promotes integrity, self-esteem, positive values and good  sportsmanship.  We are dedicated to delivering quality  programs, where children will not only have great fun but also learn that "character really counts!"

PARENT AND ME: TOTAL SPORTS SQUIRTS (age 2 to 3): Ideal for any child just starting out in the world of sport, this Program introduces children to a new sport in session. With a helping hand from Mom or Dad children will have the opportunity to try Soccer, Lacrosse, Basketball, T-Ball, Floor Hockey, Flag Football and more!

Location:    Memorial Park North
Day(s):         Saturdays
Dates:          April 11 – June 6
2:00pm – 2:50pm 

Please click here for more information on Total Sports Squirts.

PARENT AND ME: SOCCER SQUIRTS (age 2 to 3): With a parent participating by their side, kids will have fun learning the fundamental skills of soccer through a program of structured activities, fun based games, and scrimmages. Each session will focus on maximizing participation and learning through games designed to stimulate a child's imagination and develop motor skills.

Day(s):         Sundays or Tuesdays 
Dates:          April 12- June 7 or April 14 – June 2
 Location:    Memorial Field
9:00 – 9:50 (Sundays); 10:15am – 11:05am (Sundays); 3:30pm – 4:20pm (Tuesdays)

Please click here for more information on Parent and Me: Soccer Squirts

TOTAL SPORTS SQUIRTS (age 3 to 5): Experience a new sport each week of the program, with Sports Squirts. Participants have the opportunity to try Lacrosse, Soccer, Basketball, T-Ball, Floor Hockey, Flag Football, Parachute games and more in a safe, structured environment.

Day(s):       Sundays; Mondays; Tuesdays
April 12 – June 7; April 13 – June 1; April 14 – June 2
Location:  Memorial Field

9:00am – 10:00am or 10:15am – 11:15am (Sundays)
9:30am – 10:30 am (Mondays)
3:30pm – 4:30pm; 4:30pm – 5:30pm; 5:30pm – 6:30pm (Tuesdays)


T-BALL SQUIRTS (age 3 to 5): This program is a great way to introduce your young sluggers to the exciting game of baseball! Focusing on the fundamental skills of the game, our progressive T-ball curriculum enables each child to develop their skills and understanding. 

Day(s):         Saturdays or Tuesdays
April 11 – June 6 or April 12 – June 2
Location:    Memorial Field

3:00pm – 4:00pm or 4:00pm – 5:00pm (Saturdays)                    
4:30pm – 5:30pm or 5:30pm – 6:30pm (Tuesdays)

Please click here for more information on T-Ball Squirts


FIRST PLAY LACROSSE (Age 5-12): Participants will have great fun learning this exhilarating, fast paced game. All participants will learn the fundamentals of the sport including, stick handling, passing, scooping, dodging and shooting as well as many other key techniques. Ideal for beginners (no experience required) or intermediate players. Equipment can be provided.

Day(s):         Saturdays
Dates:         April 11 – June 6
 Location:    Memorial Field 

Various by age/ gender

Please Click here for more information on First Play Lacrosse

Cub Scout Pack 3:

Come out and join the Cub Scouts of Maplewood! The Cub Scouts is open to all boys in grades 1-5. Pack 3 meets every 3rd Thursday of each month at 7:30pm at Prospect Church @ 646 Prospect Street in Maplewood. Feel free to bring parents and friends.


574 Valley St.
Maplewood Township, NJ 07040
Ph: (973) 762-8120