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2017 Leaf Collection

Beginning the week of October 16th, leaf piles will be collected in all Sections until regular Sectional collections begin on October 16th.

Please note that weather and equipment failures may cause a delay in the collection schedule.  Delays should not be more than 1 or 2 days.  If the Township gets ahead of schedule, they may come through your section early, but will also be back during your scheduled week.

No leaves shall be put in the street more than 7 days prior to your scheduled week. No leaves shall be put in the street after the Sunday of your final collection week. No plastic bags or branches may be mixed with the leaves. Leaves will not be collected if there is evidence of plastic bags, branches, or other waste items.

Please refer to the zone map to locate your section on the Public Works website.

Section Map

Printable Leaf Collection Schedule


Week of 10/23/17            Section: 1,2,3,4

Week of 10/30/17            Section: 5,6,1,2

Week of 11/06/17            Section: 3,4,5,6

Week of 11/13/17            Section: 1,2,3,4

Week of 11/20/17            Section: 5,6,1

Week of 11/27/17            Section: 2,3,4

Week of 12/04/17            Section: 5,6,1

Week of 12/11/17            Section: 2,3,4

The Department of Public Works will not collect any leaves after the last scheduled date of collection. After this date, residents are solely responsible for the disposal of their leaves. Disposal of leaves is permitted at the Public Works yard for the duration of one week after the last scheduled collection has taken place; after this period, no leaves will be accepted at the Public Works facility.


Use of Landscapers:
Attention homeowners! In accordance with the Township Ordinance, all landscapers must be registered with the Maplewood Department of Public Works. The penalty for a violation of this Ordinance shall be punishable by a fine of up to $1,000.

Following is a list of landscapers currently registered with the Township for 2017:

Name Phone Number Email
A & J Landscape Design LLC 973-379-5425
Abelino Landscape 973-979-0045
Ace Lawns Inc. 908-964-4340
Alan Bella Jr. Landscape Services, Inc. 908-996-2746
Angel's Landscaping 973-449-5285
Anthony's Landscaping 973-763-6566
AR1 Landscaping 908-405-5645
Arias Landscaping 908-433-2115
Bianco Landscapling INC. 973-467-0264
Bill's Landscaping 908-403-6107
Blooming Beds 973-937-7009
Bravo Landscaping 201-463-0862
Brian O'Neil Lawn Maintenance 973-885-3616
Carchi & Son Home Improvement 973-780-0601
Cardinals Garden Center 973-376-0440
Carlos Ribeiro Landscaping 973-669-6784
Carmen Iantosca Landscaping 973-568-2282
Carmine's Landscaping 201-826-5754
County To County Landscape Contractors 908-686-1326
D'Angelo Landscaping Inc 973-539-5853
D'Onofrio & Son Inc. 973-763-8911
DV and Son Landscape 973-325-5759
East Coast Landscaping Services LLC 973-885-5787
Eduardo Hernandez 973-380-5463
El Quetzal LLC 201-213-6603
Express Lawn Care 973-477-1533
F. Teston Landscaping LLC 973-477-8255
Fonsriver Landscaping Corp 973-373-7174
Frank Oliva 973-207-8732
Gatto Landscaping 973-325-8062
Glenn's Landscaping 973-868-8220
Greenlawn Landscaping LLC 732-921-2419
Grounds For Improvement 973-204-7784
Grounds Force Landscape Contractors 973-477-9225
H.J. Contracting Service, LLC 973-960-9681
J Ferrara Landscaping 908-687-7301
J.D. Landscaping Inc. 973-332-3186
JF Lawn Services LLC 908-400-2312
Joseph Raio Landscaping LLC 973-763-7730
Julio M Landscaping 973-585-4904
Lenny Marucci 973-495-1706
Leroy's Landscaping 973-374-4648
Lincoln Landscaping 201-848-9699
M. Carangui, LLC 201-486-3216
Maple Landscaping 973-908-1781
Mario landscaping & Designs LLC 678-343-5897
Matamoros Tree Service & Landscaping 973-280-9126
Mava Landscape Inc. 908-273-0017
Miller's Landscaping 908-347-2351
Oriental Gardeners 973-762-4699
Palacio Landscaping Inc. 908-531-3204
Paselapa Landscaping 973-900-5648
Pat Scanlan Landscaping, Inc 845-634-0508
Persevere Construction and Landscaping, Inc. 973-677-7645
PR Professional Landscaping LLC 908-884-3486
Ray Sabatino Landscape 201-826-2002
Rick Daodario Landscaping 908-507-6508
Robsons Lawn Care Service 973-609-7981
Sab's Landscaping
Salazar & Son, LLC 973-763-9380
Scalora Landscaping 973-296-0336
Simonfay Landscape Services, INC. 973-635-5499
Sunny Landscaping & Construction, LLC 973-666-3468
Ted Blount Lawn Care Service 201-681-4080
Terra Seasons Landscaping LLC 908-868-8531
TKJ Landscaping, LLC 973-699-4945
Top Notch Lawn Maintenance 973-941-4996
Victor Landscaping Services LLC. 973-220-5641
Villanueva Landscaping 973-351-1782
W. Palmer Landscaping 973-202-5565
Your Landscaper 973-390-4678
Z.O. Landscaping & Supply, Inc 973-761-0459
Zebrowski Home & Commercial Solutions 201-410-4252

Please ensure that your landscaper is registered with the Township prior to having them perform work on your property.

Commercial Landscaping Businesses can register with DPW by completing the New Landscaper Registration Form

Blowing leaves in streets:
(a) The use of gas powered (non-electric) leaf blowers is prohibited within the Township of Maplewood from May 15th through September 30th of each year by all commercial entities.

(b) No person or entity may deposit leaves into any street more than seven (7) days before a regularly scheduled Department of Public Works pick-up, or after December 1st of each year. 

In order to view a complete copy of the ordinance click, here: 

#2854-17 & #2855-17

574 Valley St.
Maplewood Township, NJ 07040
Hours of Operation 9:00 am - 4:30 pm
Ph: (973) 762-8120