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Public Works
Department Mission
Calvin Bell
Director of Public Works

Kyle Nelson
Assistant to the Director

Donna Lenci
Office Assistant

359 Boyden Avenue
Maplewood Township, NJ  07040

Phone: (973) 762-1175
Fax: (973) 762-xxxx

Monday - Friday
9:00 am - 4:00 pm


The mission of the Department of Public Works is to provide excellence in the delivery of essential municipal infrastructure services, for the residents, businesses, and visitors in the Township of Maplewood.


The operations of the Department of Public Works Department consist of providing a myriad of services, including, but not limited to street sweeping, roadway repair, tree pruning, maintenance of all municipal buildings, care and upkeep of parks, automotive repairs, recycling, snow removal, and the operation of the jitney service.  The Department also assists in providing support services for special events such as Maplewoodstock, and our annual Fourth of July celebration.

The Department is currently comprised of a staff of 29 hardworking employees, distributed through four divisions as follows:

Administrative Division:  

The Administrative Division is comprised of three individuals, whose focus is the overall operations of the DPW, including planning, organizing, staffing, scheduling, training, reporting, purchasing, and the issuance of tree removal permits.  

Streets/Road Division:

The Streets & Roads Division is responsible for roadway resurfacing, pothole repair, street sweeping, leaf collection, and sewer maintenance.  The division is comprised of nine employees. Throughout 2015, this division repaired over 860 potholes, and conducted over 10 large-area roadway repairs utilizing over 575 tons of asphalt.

This Division also takes primary responsibility for snow removal from the Township’s 130 lane-miles of roadways, and all of its municipal properties.  When required, DPW provides 24-hour snow removal services, and if necessary, will enact the services of a private contractor to assist in the plowing and hauling of snow.

Parks & Shade Tree Division:

Being comprised of seven men, the Parks & Shade Tree Division is responsible for the care and maintenance of the Township’s six parks.  Duties include the preparation and maintenance of the baseball, and soccer fields, fence repair, and providing sanitation services for the parks, and business district.  

This division is also responsible for the pruning, removal, and planting of trees throughout the Township. Throughout 2015, this division pruned over 150 trees, removed over 232 trees and stumps, and will supervise the planting of over 100 new trees within the Township.

Facilities Maintenance

Our four-man Facilities Maintenance Division responds to any issues that occur in all of the Townships buildings.  This includes Town Hall, Police Headquarters, both fire stations, DeHart Community Center, the Bergdorf, the Woodland, both libraries, the Civic House, and the Arts Building.

Repairs range from lighting, painting and carpentry repairs, to resolving complex plumbing heating, and air-conditioning issues.  This division also installs and repairs traffic signage within the Township.  In 2015, this division responded to over 540 requests for services.


Our Automotive Division, comprised of four men, provides repairs and routine maintenance to all of Township’s vehicles.  This include public works vehicles, police vehicles, fire emergency vehicles, EMT vehicles, the jitneys, administrative, code enforcement, and engineering vehicles.  Not only does this division maintain Township vehicles, but it also services the police vehicles for South Orange, and fire trucks for the Township of Springfield.  

Throughout 2015, this division has managed over 1,000 service requests, consisting of engine repairs, electrical issues, transmissions, diagnostics, quotes, steering and suspension issues and preventative maintenance items. 

574 Valley St.
Maplewood Township, NJ 07040
Ph: (973) 762-8120