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Post Office RFQ Clarifications:
  1. Maplewood Village Special Improvement District
    The entire Rehabilitation Area, Block 13.09, Lots 180, 181 and 185, is included in the Maplewood Village Special Improvement District.
  2. Design Features
    The Township is looking for design features that harmonize with the look, feel and overall character of Maplewood Village. Language
    in the RFQ about "contemporary, forward looking design features" was included in the RFQ by error.
  3. Traffic Impact Study
    The study is not required with submission to the RFQ. A Respondent must demonstrate its ability to complete a traffic impact study and describe how it plans to undertake such a study.
  4. Affordable Housing
    The Township’s policy is to include affordable housing units on-site. The current ratio of ten (10) percent of the total units must meet affordable housing standards as established by the State of New Jersey and/or Township of Maplewood. A Respondent must describe its plans to meet such requirements.
  5. Evaluation Procedure
    Between September 12, 2013 and December 31, 2013 Township officials will review the submission. Respondent may be invited to meet with Township officials during this time.
  6. Pay to Play Ordinance
    The ordinance was not attached to the RFQ. It can be found at
  7. Public Disclosure
    On September 12, 2013 the Township will list the names of all respondents to the RFQ on the Township website.
    Please be guided by the following language, which already is in the RFQ:


    Information provided by a Respondent may be subject to the Open Public Records Act.

    If the Respondent chooses to include material of a proprietary nature in the Response, the Township will keep such material confidential to the extent permitted by law. The Respondent must specifically identify each page of its Response that contains such information by properly marking the applicable pages. Preferably, any sections that contain material of a proprietary nature shall be severable or removable from the response to assist the Township in protecting this information.

    The Respondent also shall include the following notice in the introduction to the relevant response:

    “The data on pages, identified by (symbol) are labeled ‘Proprietary Information’, contain information that, if disclosed, would cause substantial injury to [Respondent’s] competitive position. [Respondent] requests that such data be used only for the evaluation of the response, and understands that disclosure will be limited only to the extent that the Township determines it proper or to the extent that the Township deems disclosure necessary according to law. If [Respondent] is designated the Developer, the Township will have the right to use or disclose that data as provided in the Agreement executed with [Respondent].

    The Township will use its best efforts to prevent the unauthorized disclosure of this information and apply the above proprietary standard to marked data. However, the Township, its staff, agents and professional consultants assume no liability for any loss, damage or injury that may result from any disclosure or use of marked data or any disclosure of this or other information. Further, the respondent acknowledges that all such information shall be disclosed to and shared with those consultants and professionals whom the Township has engaged to assist it with this project.
  8. Fees                                                                                                                                                         
    There are no fees required to submit a response to this RFQ.
  9. Site Survey
    The Township Committee authorized a site survey at its August 5th meeting. Once the survey is completed the information will be made public.

  10. Title Search
    The Township Committee authorized a title search at its August 5th meeting. Once the title search is completed the information will be made public.



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