Animal Control

Animal Control Services

Animal Control Services are now provided by the St. Hubert's Animal Welfare Center. If you are having an animal control issue, please contact St. Hubert's Animal Control Services at (973) 377-2296. For a list of daytime and evening services, click here.

Feeding a Stray? Neuter or Spay!

St. Hubert's offers low-cost vouchers for spay/ neuter services, animal vaccinations, microchip and mandatory eartip. Left unaltered, free-roaming cats continue to reproduce creating more homeless kittens, Once spayed/ neutered, vaccinated and eartipped, these community cats can remain where they are and live out their lives as healthy cats without adding to the homeless cat population. Vouchers can be purchased at St. Hubert's at their Madison (973) 377-2295 or North Branch (908) 526-3330 locations.

Questions about Wildlife in Your Backyard or Neighborhood

For anyone having issues with an unwelcome fox, please use the website, According to NJ DEP Fish and Wildlife, a fox or coyote cannot be transported (like a bear) out of the vicinity. They do recommend the following: 
1. do not feed a wild animal. 
2. do not leave food out- especially food for stray cats. This encourages other vermin.
3. do not try to touch the fox (or wild animal). 
4. Unwanted animals need to learn that they are not welcome on your property. They recommend to use 'humane harassment' consistently to deter them and move them away from your home. This includes: banging pots and pans, putting up a fence in your backyard, watering them with a hose, leaving lights on, etc.

If you have any further questions, please call Anna at Fish and Wildlife: (908) 735-8793.