Animal Licenses

License Your Pets

Animal licenses are required for all domestic dogs and cats. Licenses must be renewed in January of each year. Proof of current rabies vaccination is required for licensing.

Not spayed / neutered$18.00                                                
Spayed / neutered$15.00

After January 31st there is a $7.00 late charge per license.

Benefits of Dog Licensure

Licensing dogs and placing the license tag on the dog’s collar has many benefits for the dog owner, as well as for the citizens, including the following:

  • Licensed dogs are vaccinated against rabies (with some exceptions explained below) and those with current license tags on their collars are considered generally protected from the disease.
  • A licensed dog that wanders off the owner’s property or gets lost can be traced and quickly returned to its owner by animal control officers
  • Dog licensure can be used as proof of ownership for the dog in case it is lost or stolen
  • When persons are bitten by a licensed dog, the owner is more readily identified and the dog is placed under a 10 day confinement and observation that will prevent the bite victim from needing to begin rabies prophylaxis
  • Dog licensing is mandatory in all New Jersey municipalities and the licensing fee is much less than the fines and penalties for having unlicensed dogs
  • License fees support animal control, animal sheltering and rabies control activities within the municipality
  • Dog licensing fees help also fund testing of suspect rabid wildlife, the State-sponsored municipal rabies vaccination program and the State operated low cost spay and neuter program

For more information about licensing your pets, please contact Town Hall at (973) 762-8120.