Certificate of Continued Use & Occupancy


The Certificate of Continued Use and Occupancy Ordinance was first adopted in 1992 to regulate the proper occupancy of tenancy of units to limit the number of occupants, legal use of a property, and conditions of the properties. Each unit must have an application for a certification and inspection prior to sale or rental by the owner in the case of a tenant or the buyer in the case of a sale. Download the form below:

Action Taken

In 2009 certificates were revised to increase the normal fee for inspections and to add an expediting fee if applicable. Additionally, there was a penalty fee adopted for re-inspection.


It is the goal to accomplish the same inspection services with a reduced inspection staff. We have adjusted administration as well as inspections as it pertains to code enforcement inspections which includes Certificates of Continued Use and Occupancy.


For more information about Certificate of Continued Use and Occupancy, please contact the Building Department at (973) 762-8120 ext. 3700 or 3703. Applications received after 4:00 pm are considered as the next business day