Contact The Board

Thank you for reaching out to the Maplewood Community Board on Police. We welcome your comments, feedback and concerns.

Confidentiality: All general concerns, comments, and complaints regarding policing or the department generally will remain strictly confidential and reviewed only by the Community Board on Police. The information is reviewed and discussed at our monthly meetings.

The Maplewood Community Board on Police is not permitted to address information provided about specific police officers. If it is determined that information you provide is about a specific police officer, or if there is any information in your submission that could identify a specific officer, the Board is required to share that information with the Maplewood Police Department, who may then forward the information to the Internal Affairs Bureau. The Maplewood Police Department accepts Internal Affairs Complaints from citizens at any time without restriction. Complaints may be submitted anonymously.

If you reached this page in error and wish to contact the Maplewood Police Department directly, you can do so for non-emergencies at (973) 762-3400 or

If this is an emergency, please dial 9-1-1.