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Community Health Care Resources for Residents & Families

Township of Maplewood Adult Health Clinics

Medical Care Services For The Entire Family

Access to affordable health care is available to residents who are uninsured or underinsured through federal programs such as Federally Qualified Health Centers and the Vaccines for Children program.   Refer to resources below for more information and to make an appointment.

Where to get Vaccines (children and adults)

Sign up for Health Insurance

Get Covered NJ  In New Jersey, there remains a requirement to have health coverage in 2020-2021. Registration is from November 1, 2020-December 15, 2020

NJ FamilyCARE Sign up for families with young children who need health insurance coverage. Registration is open year-round. 

Discounts for Prescription Drugs GoodRx- Free Prescription Discount Card


Women's Health Services Page

Services for Older Adults  

Recognizing the increasing number of residents over 60 and the desire to keep long-term residents in our communities, South Orange and Maplewood (SOMA) launched "Two Towns for All Ages." Under this new initiative, SOMA is taking a proactive approach to foster healthy aging and enable residents to age in place.For information on Soma Two Towns for All Ages and a range of services, activities and programs for older residents, please go to

Healthcare Resources for LGBTQ Community

Medicinal Marijuana -Guidance and Resources 

The New Jersey Department of Health has a webpage on Medicinal Marijuana usage and guidance. Ths includes: Legislation, rules and guidelines defining Medicinal Marijuana in New Jersey, alternative treatment centers, and how to find a doctor. 

This link provides a PDF with guidance on the new conditions that can qualify for medicinal marijuana treatment and the steps for completing the medicinal marijuana process. 

Here is a resource for finding licensed physicians who can prescribe medicinal marijuana:

Resource for Improving Health literacy, English Proficiency and Citizen Exam Preparation