Economic Development Committee

The Township’s Economic Development Committee (EDC) takes the lead on implementing the Township Committee’s policies related to development, redevelopment projects, and retail recruitment.  Reciprocally, the EDC recommends policies, programs and projects to the Township Committee intended to create a welcoming and vibrant business climate that promotes economic growth, job development and expansion of the commercial tax base.  The EDC’s overriding goal is to maintain the character of the Township while encouraging dynamic economic growth that expands the commercial tax base responsive to the contemporary needs of our residents.
The EDC meets informally with prospective developers, property owners and commercial entities interested in investing in Maplewood and provides feedback on proposed projects in line with zoning laws and Special Improvement District Design Standards. 
The EDC's retail recruitment efforts utilize proactive approaches to attract and retain businesses, with an eye toward providing shoppers a diverse, balanced, vibrant business and service sector.  The Township maintains Market Data Materials for prospective business owners, developers, and the general public.