Mission Statement & Goals

Mission Statement

The Engineering Department's primary objective is to serve the residents of the Township in a manner which promotes efficiency and environmental consciousness in all day to day operations. It is also an objective to influence other departments and organizations to meet similar goals. Whether it is responding to emergency utility breaks, constructing new infrastructure improvements, upgrading traffic signals or evaluating Township policies, the Engineering Department is at the core of the project.

A designated person in the Department is responsible for overseeing the Township's Indoor Air Quality Program. This state requirement requires a plan and  monitoring of all public buildings for air quality.

The Engineering Department also oversees the work of numerous outside consultants. These firms provide services in an as-needed basis and include architecture, environmental remediation, surveying, Engineering design, and planning.

The Township Engineer reports directly to the Township Administrator and reports on a monthly basis to the Planning and Engineering Committee. The Committee is comprised of three members of the Township Committee, the Township Administrator, and the Township Engineer. The Engineering Department and Planning and Engineering Committee are responsible for planning and evaluating projects town wide to satisfy the needs of the community.

2017 Department Goals

  • Continue to seek grant funding for the continuing repairs/upgrades of Township buildings including 60 Woodland Rd. in coordination with Ms. DePalma, the Township’s grant-writer   
  • Complete upgrades to the Dehart Community Center through a developer's agreement 
  • Continue with implementation of traffic calming measures as well requests that are submitted by residents in accordance with established policies
  • Implement improvements at the Baker Street/Maplewood Avenue intersection
  • Install elevator at 60 Woodland Road
  • Parker Avenue Road Improvements using CDBG funding  
  • Implement Safe Streets to Schools upgrades near Clinton School 
  • Striping & signage updates 
  • Roof repairs on various Township buildings 
  • Replace brick pavers in Maplewood Village 
  • Re-design of Boyden Avenue/Springfield Avenue intersection
  • Work with County on improvements to Valley Street intersections