Road Improvement Program


Anticipated Schedule for Road Upgrades

As part of our effort to maintain the streets in the Township, the Engineering Department undertakes projects every year to work on various roads. These improvements generally consist of new handicap ramps at the intersection of the streets and providing a new pavement surface on the road. The work does not include new sidewalks and curbing along the streets, except where necessary for drainage issues.
Below is our anticipated schedule for road improvement. This list is based upon a road improvement program that was done in 2007, which ranked the streets in the Township based upon the conditions at the time, and modified to anticipate future budgets. This list is also based upon field inspections where the condition of the pavement and traffic volume are evaluated. We review and modify this list yearly based upon the condition of the streets, so the below is subject to change.
  • Boyden Avenue – Springfield Avenue to Irvington Avenue
  • Burnet Street – Entire Length
  • Burnett Avenue – Springfield Avenue to Union Border
  • Collinwood Road – Entire Length
  • Durand Road – Maplewood Avenue to Woodland Road
  • Franklin Terrace – Tiffany Place to Clinton Avenue
  • Jennifer Lane – Entire Length
  • Salter Place – Entire Length
  • South Mountain Avenue – Entire Length
  • Tiffany Place – Meadowbrook Road to Irvington Border
  • Tuscan Road – Burnett Avenue to Boyden Avenue