Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Preparedness: Register Ready

“Register Ready – New Jersey’s Special Needs Registry for Disasters” allows New Jersey residents with disabilities or access and functional needs and their families, friends, caregivers and associates an opportunity to provide information to emergency response agencies so emergency responders can better plan to serve them in a disaster or other emergency.The information collected here is confidential and will not be available to the public. The information will be held securely and only used for emergency response and planning.

Why should you register?

  • To be notified by local officials when an evacuation has been ordered.
  • It may save your life!
  • For Registry Assistance, dial 211 (toll-free) and an operator will assist you in registering.

To register online, go to: www.registerready.nj.gov

Want more info on how you can ready for an emergency? View the NJ Register Ready brochure.

Emergency Preparedness Checklists and Guidance

Prepare your home for any emergency: Go to http://READY.GOV

Emergency Preparedness Presentation for Seniors from the Maplewood Health Department (2018)


Medical Reserve Corps

Volunteer Opportunity for the Medical Reserve Corps!

The Maplewood Health Department is recruiting volunteers with medical credentials and non-medical volunteers to assist the Township during times of emergency. The Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) has been established to maintain a list of trained people that may be called when staff is not sufficient to meet the needs of the community.  

What is the Medical Reserve Corps?  

New Jersey has created the New Jersey Medical Reserve Corps (NJMRC) under the auspices of the New Jersey Citizen Corps. This program is designed to help identify and register individuals who are willing to serve within their local area. Volunteers will be utilized through county and local health agencies as part of the emergency management system in that jurisdiction.   The mission of the Medical Reserve Corps is to develop a prepared, trained workforce of volunteers to serve the citizens of New Jersey in the event of a public health emergency. 

Please click here for more information and to register.

The File of Life

The File of Life Program is a national program that is recognized by all first responders in the event of an emergency house call or accident. The File of Life allows a person to document their current medications, medical and health conditions, and persons to contact in the event of an emergency. When the File of Life is maintained and updated annually, it can reduce the need to continually ask the patient and family for medical information during an emergency.
The free File of Life Program provides you with a kit which has 2 red plastic envelopes that contain your important medical information. One is magnetized for your refrigerator, one is wallet size. For more information click the link below. This is a FREE program provided to Maplewood residents. 

Disaster Mental Health Hotline:  Call 877-294-HELP (4357), A TTY line is available for the deaf and hearing impaired at (877) 294-4356 Hours of operation are Monday thru Friday 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Link to Maplewood Township Emergency Management