Zoom Webinar: Medical Cannabis - A Medical Alternative


Medical Cannabis

A Medical Alternative

February 23, 6:30pm

SOMA Two Towns for All Ages and the Maplewood Department of Community Services will host a presentation by The Apothecarium, a new medical cannabis alternative treatment center (ATC) that is coming soon to Maplewood.  Dr. Hamilton from South Orange will speak about the process for getting certified by the NJ Department of Health.  Topics covered will include:


  • Overview of the NJ Medical Cannabis Program and the Apothecarium ATC
  • Qualifying Medical Conditions for medical cannabis in NJ
  • A brief look at the cannabis plant and the endocannabinoid system
  • Older Adults and Medical Marijuana
  • How to get certified as a patient: A doctor's perspective
  • How to obtain a NJ medical marijuana card
  • Community Impact of state medical cannabis programs
  • Forms of Consumption and Modes of Administration
  • What to expect on your first visit to the ATC
  • Opportunity for Q&A


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Meeting ID: 879 3507 4584

Passcode: 523327