The functions of the Maplewood Alliance Committee may include but not be limited to:

  1. Creating a network of community leaders, private citizens and representatives from public and private human service agencies who are dedicated to a comprehensive and coordinated effort to promote and support educational programs and related activities, with an emphasis on youth, designed to prevent alcoholism and drug abuse.
  2. Conducting an assessment of Maplewood to determine the needs of the township in relation to alcoholism and drug abuse issues.
  3. Identifying existing efforts and services acting to reduce alcoholism and drug abuse.
  4. Coordinating projects within the township dealing with alcoholism and drug abuse to avoid fragmentation and duplication.
  5. Developing programs to be implemented in the township or participating in regionally developed programs that accomplish the purpose of the Alliance effort and the purposes of the Maplewood Alliance Committee.
  6. Assisting the township in acquiring funds for Alliance programs through the establishment of a subcommittee on fundraising.
  7. Cooperating with the Governor's Council on Drug Abuse and the Essex County Local Advisory Committee on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse and providing municipal data, reports or other information which may be required for the Essex County Annual Alliance Plan, which is needed to assist the Alliance effort.