PSE&G Site Redevelopment Project Timeline

The Township Committee retained the services of Phillips Preiss Grygiel, LLC, planning and real estate consultants, to evaluate whether the former PSE&G site at 186-238 Boyden Avenue (intersecting at Springfield Avenue) met the statutory criteria of an Area in Need of Redevelopment. Phillips Preiss documented its findings in a its Area in Need of Redevelopment Study, dated July 17, 2013.

At its August 6, 2013 meeting, the Township Committee referred the Phillips Preiss report to the Maplewood Planning Board for review and comment.  The Planning Board considered the report at its September 10, 2013 meeting, and concluded that the area satisfied the statutory criteria of an Area in Need of Redevelopment, and referred its conclusions back to the Township Committee.  After additional consideration, the Township Committee adopted the Planning Board's conclusions and designated the area as an Area in Need of Redevelopment on September 17, 2013.

Moving forward on the designation, the Township then retained Phillips Preiss to draft a Redevelopment Plan for the area, which was informally reviewed by the Planning Board at its November 12, 2013 meeting.  The Planning Board's extensive comments were incorporated into the initial draft. A updated draft PSE&G Site Redevelopment Plan was considered by the Board on December 10, 2013, at which time the Board determined that the PSE&G Site Redevelopment plan was consistent with the Township's Master Plan and recommended that the Township Committee adopt the proposed Redevelopment Plan. 

The Township Committee adopted the final PSE&G Site Redevelopment Plan at its December 17, 2013 meeting, and designated Parke Place at Maplewood, LLC, the site's designated developer at its January 7, 2014 meeting, by Resolution number 5-14.