Tree Removal Permit


As of the week of July 5th 2021, a new ordinance affecting tree removal has passed and is now in effect. We have changed and updated our application to reflect this. The previous application is no longer in use and we will not accept any applications using the old materials or information.

Please review the full Chapter 227 on Maplewood Township Trees here:

Chapter 227-8 states:
"No person shall remove any tree 12 inches or more in caliper, or authorize the removal of such tree, on any land within the Township of Maplewood unless the owner of such tree or the person authorized by the owner to remove said tree shall first obtain a permit."

Trees with a diameter of less than 12 inches DO NOT REQUIRE A REMOVAL PERMIT.

For the removal of trees on private residential property, a tree removal application MUST be submitted to the township to facilitate inspection, and obtain a permit.

For the removal or pruning of Township trees (on Township Property) please call our department at (973) 762-1175 to facilitate inspection.

Please see the attachment below for the tree removal permit application:
NOTE Please thoroughly read through and complete this application. Any missing materials will deem your application incomplete and it WILL NOT be accepted by our office.