Senior Homesharing

Recognizing that housing is one of the most important issues for residents, the township is seeking information that will help us understand the needs and concerns for our older residents.  Specifically, we would like to better understand the level of interest in “home sharing.”

Senior Home Sharing Survey

Home sharing is an arrangement by which two or more people share a private family residence within which each retains a private space. The owner of the residence may need help with home maintenance and other household chores or a renter to help with monthly expenses. The person who owns the home is the “provider” and the person occupying or renting the room in the home is the “seeker."

New Jersey state law allows senior citizens to take in a boarder into their homes.  Under a recent amendment to Maplewood’s housing ordinance (#2898-18), senior citizens, (as defined by the State of NJ as aged 62 or older) who are owners and occupiers of residential dwellings within the The Township of Maplewood with at least two (2) bedrooms may take in up to two (2) boarders. Individual borders shall each be assigned a bedroom.  No renting or sharing couches or basements is allowed.  If the boarders are a couple, they may be assigned one (1) bedroom.  Boarders pay rent to the homeowner or help with maintenance or chores.  The town does not require registration or impose a fee nor does it track the number of people who use this opportunity.  All arrangements between the provider and seeker(s) are private and not managed by the town.

To learn more you can read our existing ordinance here.


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